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Food Industry

PT. Citra Mandiri Jaya Makmur has been specializing in high quality raw materials and commodities for food industry since 2013. We are supporting our customers – distributors and food manufacturers – by providing competitive pricing, suitable raw materials, and strong customer relationship. Some of our products include MSG and industrial salt, refined sugar, brown sugar, VCO, skewers, and many more.

Stained Glass

Since 1994, under the banner of CV. Karya Indah, CMJM Group has served the need of stained glass for houses, churches, mosques, and many more.

Canvas Rolls

A brilliant idea of arts needs an appropriate execution. Since 2012, CMJM Group has expanded it business of canvas distribution with the brand “Talens” and“Arte Belle.”

Fine Art

Since 1996, initiated by the love of antiques of the CMJM Group’s founder,around 200 paintings and more than 100 sculptures and antiques have been successfully collected. Art is something that is judged relatively by humans’ eyes, however, arts could be a valuable investment and asset if it was observed from its background.


In daily life, glue or adhesive has a very important role. Since 2000, CV.Karya Indah has started to spread out its wing to the adhesive industry as the authorized distributor of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA for East Java region.

Commercial Transportation Workshop

Gemini Workshop is a subsidiary of CMJM Group which run business in commercial transportation. Since 1978, under the banner of CV. Karya Indah, Gemini Workshop has focused itself as a repair shop specializing in heavy vehicles, trucks, and trailers.

Telecommunication Construction

As time goes by, the need of information is also increasing. This phenomenon should be supported by adequate telecommunication infrastructure. Seeing this prospect, in 2006 through CV. Citra Mandiri, we established a company operating in the telecommunication sector.

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About Us

Citra Mandiri Jaya Makmur Group

CMJM Group is a holding company consisting of several firms moving in various fields of businesses. Since 1978, under the leadership of Mr. Rivan, CMJM Group has grown from a local workshop in Surabaya-Indonesia into a company engaged in various industries,

Vision & Mission


Citra Mandiri Jaya Makmur (CMJM) Group is established to deliver the highest value possible to our stakeholders; especially the shareholders, clients, suppliers, employees, and related communities. We aim to grow together, to work hand–in-hand in building a better Value Chain, and to compete against ourselves.

Corporate Values

Business is a Trust

For more than 30 years, CMJM Group has kept maintaining the trust given and long-lasting partnership with national and international companies. We always prioritize long-term relation leading to mutual partnerships.

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