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Stained Glass

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Sunder the banner of CV. Karya Indah, CMJM Group has served the need for stained glass for houses, churches, mosques, and much more.

Materials of this unique product are imported directly from the United States, thus the glass produced is guaranteed to possess a high-quality standard. Stained glasses always give a luxurious accent to the building it is part of. Besides fulfilling the local market’s demands, we are also able to complete the demand of export. The common exported product is finished goods such as decorative lampshades.

With experiences for decades and skilfull experts in design and installation, the strong points of our stained glass are quality, durability, and design. We are always ready to come to you and provide any design consultation.

CV. Karya Indah
Banyu Urip 159
Surabaya, Indonesia
tel: +62 31 5661241

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