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Corporate Value

Business is a Trust

For more than 30 years, CMJM Group has maintained the trust given and long-lasting partnership with national and international companies. We always prioritize long-term relations leading to mutual partnerships.

Efficiency and Productivity

We invest in the development of human resources, technologies, environment, and systems which enable us to improve the quality and quantity of the company’s products. Once a business is growing rapidly, jobs are evolving and expanding quickly in terms of size and complexity. CMJM Group’s priority will still be on a simple yet effective company structure.

Diversification and Business Strategy

We are aware of the risk in every industry. Business cycles lead industry to expand in one stage and decline in the next. We reduce those risks by investing and trading in diversified industries in different countries. Proven by the continuing growth of CMJM group during the 1998 and 2008 recessions, the stable cash flows and balance sheets confirm some of our strengths.


CMJM Group opens up to new ideas, business opportunities, and changes towards improvement. Business growth is no longer a choice but a must since improvements in communication technology, transportation, free trade, market demands, and status-quo will leave us behind.


Even though we do business in a variety of industries and open ourselves up to new opportunities, reputation and credibility are two things we maintain more than short-term profit. We only enter a new industry/business if we have the abilities and skills to produce good quality products and services. Therefore, we always collaborate with industry leaders, top manufacturers, and professionals.

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