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Fine Art

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ince 1996, initiated by the love of antiques of the CMJM Group’s founder, around 200 paintings and more than 100 sculptures and antiques have been successfully collected. Art is something that is judged relatively by humans, however, arts could be a valuable investment and asset if it were observed from its background. Some of our collections have been widely traded in both national and international auctions.


Some paintings and sculptures of CMJM Group collections are masterpieces of:

1. Arie Smith
2. Haji Widayat
3. Djoko Pekik
4. Drs.Soenaryo
5. Ivan Sagito
6. AchmadSadali
7. Pupuk DaruPurnomo
8. Budi Ubruk
9. Pande Ketut Taman
10. and many others.

For antiques such as musical instruments and antique clocks, we obtain the collections from both Indonesia and overseas. Most of the collections of CMJM Group are certified masterpieces of famous artists. CMJM Group also has close relations with well-known Indonesian painters. Decades of experience in Indonesia’s world of fine arts raise the reputation and credibility in the originality of collections exhibited.

CONTACT: Mr. Rivan Soebiyanto Surabaya, Indonesia
tel: 0812 3523 7891

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