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Vision & Mission


Citra Mandiri Jaya Makmur (CMJM) Group is established to deliver the highest value possible to our stakeholders; especially the shareholders, clients, suppliers, employees, and related communities. We aim to grow together, to work hand-in-hand in building a better Value Chain, and to compete against ourselves.


  • Establishing long-term partnerships and good cooperation with suppliers & clients
  • Delivering professional services, good quality products, and solutions to our clients
  • Profit-maximizing for shareholders through efficient & effective processes
  • Focusing on productivity improvement, teamwork, and delivering valued products & services
  • Building employees’ working spirits, technical & soft skills, professionalism, expertise in their fields, self-reliance, and morale.
  • Being an asset for the surrounding communities, our beloved country, and contributing to building a better world.
  • Building global networking with professionals in their fields & world industry and market leaders while maintaining an effective & efficient value chain.
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