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About Us

Citra Mandiri Jaya Makmur Group (CMJM Group), is a holding company consisting of several firms moving in various fields of businesses. Since 1978, under the leadership of Mr. Rivan, CMJM Group has grown from a local workshop in Surabaya-Indonesia into a company engaged in various industries,

Vision & Mission

Citra Mandiri Jaya Makmur (CMJM) Group is established to deliver the highest value possible to our stakeholders; especially the shareholders, clients, suppliers, employees, and related communities. We aim to grow together, to work hand–in-hand in building a better Value Chain, and to compete against ourselves.

Corporate Value

Business is a Trust
For more than 30 years, CMJM Group has kept maintaining the trust given and long-lasting partnership with national and international companies. We always prioritize long-term relation leading to mutual partnerships.